“Being a part of Startmate’s first New Zealand cohort is a very exciting opportunity for our startup. The exposure to other successful founders alongside mentorship from a wide range of industry experts and veterans is enabling us to progress on some of the most daunting challenges on our horizons,” says Blythe.

Pyper Vision was part of the first cohort of 21 high-growth startups at Te Ōhaka – Centre for Growth and Innovation when it opened in May 2019.

“We were so pleased to have the Pyper team join Te Ōhaka at launch. Emily and her team are excellent role models and collaborators for their fellow startup peers. All of the founders in the space have benefited from trading their knowledge and networks with each other which is where the magic comes in,” says Marian Johnson, Chief Awesome Officer at Ministry of Awesome who co-founded Te Ōhaka alongside Ara Institute of Canterbury Ltd and ChristchurchNZ.

Pyper has taken full advantage of the hub’s incubation facilities, siting their fog lab at Te Ōhaka and benefiting from the oversight and networks provided by the mentors. They’ve also found some excellent talent along the way, sourced straight out of the ambitious student talent pool at Ara Institute of Canterbury.

Pyper has attracted investment and is now going through civil aviation regulatory compliance testing in Australia in preparation for launch.

Congratulations Pyper Vision!

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